Succulent Frame Box
Our second project turning a vintage
frame into succulent art.
When selecting a frame you want to
start with a solid wood or metal frame
that is nice and sturdy. I found this one
at the thrift store, it looks like walnut.
I wanted to try making the "planting
box" part from something simpler to
create that you might have on hand or
could get easily. After checking the
measurements I wondered about a
"1020" flat. It was nearly the exact fit
for the width.
It was about 6-7 inches too long. Oddly
enough a "1020" flat measures about
11" X21". I cut it across the width at
about 7 Inches in from the end and put
it together overlapping ,like this.
It was just a fraction of an inch narrow
on the width side and overlapped you
can make it fit perfectly to the length.
You can see the overlapped section on
the right hand side.
I try to reuse everything, Our unrooted
herb cuttings come wrapped in these
nice little non woven fabric sheets. I
used 2 layers to line the bottom of the
planting box. You coud use weed
barrier which is essentially the same
Another shot from the back, I did add
one screw on each side down into the
frame to hold the overlapped section of
the flat in place. I would think that you
could use a construction adhesive to
hold the flat in, instead of screws to
avoid the drilling aspect.
Here you can see how I used one 3/4"
#8 screw on each side. It made a nice
sturdy "box"  for planting.
I drilled small pilot holes through the flat
and into the frame
I wanted to try using succulents for this
frame. I start with about 1.5 inches of
moss and work it in between and
around the succulent plugs as I arrange
them. I rearrange a few times until I
have a pattern I like...... to the right ,
The finished project!
Woodward Greenhouses - 2012

Plant List:
Sedum "Ogon"
Sedum nussbaumerianum
Aeonium "Kiwi"
Crassula perforata variegata
Crassula "Campfire"
Echeveria "Roundleaf"