I like to check out the thrift stores from
time to time for containers we can use. I
had wanted to try a "succulent picture"
for a while now so when I saw this frame
I scooped it up. The opening is about
10" x 13"    It only cost $3!
It is a very solid metal frame with this
great built in slot where the picture
would slide in. I knew that would work
great to hold my planting box to the
I had a couple scrap pieces of 1/4"
plywood from another project so I used
them the make my box frame. I cut 3
strips that were the thickness of the
frame slot and then split the rest of the
piece of plywood into 3 equal strips
about 3" wide
Not the best picture, but here I am
nailing the thin strips along the edges
of the 3" boards (seen in the next
picture) using small brads.
Next, I slid the 1/4" strips into the slots
and nailed the four corners together
using the same small brads forming a
open box on the back like this. Creating
a nice solid fit and no screws to mar the
I measured the size of opening on the
back of the frame and cut the four side
panels to fit.
I didn't have a particular plan for
planting but decided on hens and
chicks as they have a nice variety of
colors to work with. Here I have put in a
layer of spaghnum moss getting ready
to add the plants
Here it is with the back nailed in place
using the same small brads. We put a
couple coats of polyurethane on the
wood to give it protection from moisture
Next I set the box onto my other piece
of plywood and marked the size.  After
cutting it to fit I had a sheet that
completely covered the back of my box
Here I am part way through arranging
the plugs. I selected varieties with
complimentary colors and arranged
them into a pleasing pattern.
Succulent Frame Box
Turn a vintage decorative frame into
succulent wall art with this DIY project.
Here it is completed! It took about 63 plugs to make,
using 6 varieties. Any questions, drop me an email. Hope
you give it a try!
Woodward Greenhouses
jeff@woodwardgreenhouses.com - 2012