Follow the 2010 Poinsettia
We have about 25 varieties this year, each variety starts
coloring up at a different time. You can see in the middle of
the picture that the earliest ones are starting to show some
Week 42
Week 43 aka 10/25/2010
In just a weeks time they have changed alot!
Week 44 aka 11/1/2010
Week 45 aka 11/8/2010
The earliest red "Prestige Early Red" is almost fully
colored. Only a couple weeks til the first ones go out!
You have heard that saying what a difference a day makes
but, WOW!  What a difference a week or 2 makes!
Week 46 aka 11/15/2010
Week 47 aka 11/22/2010
There are probably 40% less plants at this point but we
spread them out as we ship them so they just keep getting
bigger and more beautiful!
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