We start with a full line of traditional Easter
plants including lilies, tulips, hyacinths,
daffodils, and lots of mixed bulb garden and
planters. We also offer violas and pansies
and a full line of baskets from our famously
large fuchsias to verbenas and everything in
between. We also carry 16 kinds of lettuce
in packs! 4" Proven Winners and many
plants from the Simply Beautiful line as well
as many more old favorites. If you are
looking for something new or unusual check
with us because we may just have it.
Summer :
We carry mixed containers throughout the
summer and fall. We have 6" herbs for the
fresh cut customers and we grow thousands
of mums in sizes from 4" window box plants
to large fiber pots. To complete the summer
and into fall we offer cabbage and kale,
ornamental peppers, and asters.
Christmas :
During the Christmas season we offer
poinsettias in sizes from 5" pinched to large
four plant specimens. Of course, red is the
classic all-time favorite, but we also grow a
mix of the newer novelty colors. In addition
we offer painted and glittered poinsettias to
mix it up for those customers looking for
something different. We have added
amaryllis and paperwhites to our holiday
crop list,  while wreaths and holiday boxes
round out the mix.
Herbs :
We have been growing herbs for 20 years
and have as many as 150 varieties during
the Spring season and a  great selection
continued year round.  We have a complete
insect and disease program based solely on
naturally occurring fungicides and beneficial
predatory insects to provide a healthy plant
for your customers.  We also plant
handsome herb combination planters in
traditional plastic pots,clay pots, and our
own handmade hypertufa containers.
Daylilies :
Daylilies are the quintessential summer
flower, and a nearly perfect plant for every
gardener to try. They fit into the standard
border garden or as a stand alone feature.  
Karen has been collecting dayliles for years
now and has accumulated quite a collection
including short ones, tall ones, double
flowered, ruffled, uncommon varieties, and
everything in between.
We carry a huge variety of succulents
year-round. The variety of colors and
textures seems to be endless.  Every year
brings more and more interest in this
easy-care plants and our selection grows as
a result. We carry succulent wreaths in all
shapes and sizes. Also, we have provided
plants for weddings, showers, and special
occasion decorating projects. Succulents
work for any season and are probably the
most versatile crop we grow!
We are a family owned wholesale greenhouse located
in Chaplin CT for 30 years. We supply a wide variety
of plant material including herbs perennials, holiday
flowers, and custom planters year round to garden
centers, florists, and specialty shops
Woodward Greenhouses
jeff@woodwardgreenhouses.com - 2012
If you have any questions about where we sell specific plants or crops check our availability page and if you can't find the
information there send us an email through our contact page and we'll let you know the nearest garden center