Order a Living Wreath Kit
Living Wreath Quick Information:
Living wreaths consist of a sphagnum moss base inside of a wire frame that allows plants to grow and take the shape of the frame. Rather than a
traditional holiday wreath of pine boughs, these wreaths can be planted with anything from pansies to succulents and will continue to grow. They can
be hung on doors or set as centerpieces on your table.  Living wreaths are easy to care for and can be recreated using new plants or designs.  Here
at Woodward Greenhouses, we sell complete living wreath kits as well as each individual part.  If you already have a frame we sell "renew" kits so that
you can try something new.  To order, see the link above and follow the instructions on the form.  Feel free to contact us with any questions!
Living Wreath Kit:
Your wreath kit will include a brick of compressed
spaghnum moss, a large round frame with hanger,
a bag of greening pins, and instructions to make
your wreath.

Price: $24
"Renew Kit":
This kit includes a fresh brick of moss, a bag of
greening pins, and an instruction sheet.

Price: $12
Large Heart Frame
Price: $14
Small Heart Frame
Price: $11
XL Round Frame
Price: $24
Large Round Frame
Price: $12.00
Small Round Frame
Price: $11
Frame Pins
25 Count
Lg Sphagnum Moss
Block aprox..5cu ft
(more than enough
for a lg rd frame)
Price: $14
Square Frame
Price: $12
Individual Parts:
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