Instructions For Making Your Living Wreath
If you have one of our wreath kits or are just
interested in making your own, here's a set of
instructions for your living wreath in just 7
simple steps and including thorough
explanations on wreath care.
Plastic (to cover your table)                            Scissors
5-gallon pail                                                   Gloves
3 - 4 quarts water                                          Wreath Frame and Plants
Preparation: Place moss in a 5-gallon pail and pour in three to four
quarts of water. Let the moss sit for 2 hours or overnight to expand
and absorb the water.  Add more water if the moss still has dry spots
that do not break apart easily.  The moss should be moist, but not
Step 1:  Layout your design (alternating color, textures, etc.).  Divide
your wreath layout into four sections.  Prepare the plants by removing
"shoulders" and about a 1/2 inch of soil from the bottom of the plug.
Step 2:  Place the wreath frame on the table with the legs (triangular
wire feet) down. Roll together a clump of moss to make a tennis-ball
sized handful.  Place this inside the wires and press firmly against the
support wire of the wreath frame.
Step 3:  Take the first plant in your design and place it next to the
Step 4:  Form another tennis ball with the moss and place against the
first plant.  Pack the moss tightly to hold the plug in place and cover
the roots.
Step 5: Alternate the placement of the next plant in your design so
that they are on either side of the top wire.
Step 6:  Continue alternating the plants and packing the moss, you
can adjust the size of your clumps to make the plants fit evenly.
Step 7:  When finished you can tuck in any extra moss clumps to
hide the frame or soil that may be showing.  
Optional: Use scissors to trim any dangling moss ends.
Let the wreath sit for a day or so, the moss will expand and cover the wire frame and you can touch up with more
clumps of moss if necessary. If you plan to hang your wreath, let it lay flat for a week or so, to root in before hanging.

Wreath Care: Choose plants that are suitable for the area you wish to use your wreath. Succulents need 4-6 hours
or more of good sunlight. Hens & Chicks like similar light and can take the cold. Use ferns or other house plants for
an indoor wreath out of direct sun. You can always use a wreath as a centerpiece for a day or two and then move it
back to its original lighting.

To Water your wreath:
Place in a pan of water or the sink with a few inches of water added, let it soak up the water for 8-10 minutes, lift it
from the water and place it where it can drain. Outdoors it can be as simple as sprinkling with a watering can or with
your hose. Always wet thoroughly and then allow to dry either fully or until slightly dry depending on the type of plants
you have used.
Woodward Greenhouses - 2012