We put our hydrangeas in 8.5 azalea pots
before forcing so you get a nice well
developed plant with a large rootball so they
won't need watering as often.
We have over 20 varieties of tulips, so you get
a nice assortment. We use full size bulbs and
put 6 in a real 6.5 azalea pot so they not like
those chain store bulb pots
We got our Mona Lisa bulbs from Ednie this
year and they are great, good bud counts
and nice thick stems.
We have a nice assortment of Easter lilies,
single stem, doubles, triples and custom
made multistem pots to order. And something
new this year, we put 3 7-8 bulbs in a 10"
bulb pan, kept them short and put violas
round the edge. It will make a great
centerpiece for the Easter dinner table.
Easter 2010 List :
Call for Pricing
Quantity Discounts Available

6" 2 stem Oriental  Lilies
81/2" 4 stem Oriental Lilies

12" Bulb Garden
12" Color Bowl

4" Crocus
4" Dwarf Iris
4" Grape Hyacinth
4" Scilla

10" Daffodils
61/2" Daffodils
71/2" Daffodils

10" Triple Lilies
81/2" Double Lilies
6" 3-4 Bud Lilies
6" 5-6 Bud Lilies
6" 7+up  Bud Lilies

5" Single Hydrangeas
71/2" Hydrangea 3-4 bloom
71/2" Hydrangea 5-6 bloom

4" Single Hyacinth
6" Triple Hyacinth
8" 5 bulb Hyacinth

41/2" Mini Daffodils

10" Tulips
41/2" Tulips
61/2" Tulips
8" Tulips

Lots of unique baskets and
Our Plants - Easter
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