Get To Know Woodward Greenhouses :
Jeff Woodward
Owner - Founder
Karen Woodward
Woodward Greenhouses - 2013
We are a family owned wholesale greenhouse located
in Chaplin CT for 30 years. We supply a wide variety
of plant material including herbs perennials, holiday
flowers, and custom planters year round to garden
centers, florists, and specialty shops
My fascination with plants started when I was quite young.  By the time I was 14 or so, I had already acquired several stacks of gardening books and
was eager to put all my accumulated knowledge to use.  When I was given some old storm windows from a neighbor's remodeling project, I quickly set
to work building my first cold-frame.  Then a family friend brought me some tomato seedlings which were quickly moved into my cold-frame and the
rest is history.  I soon build my first greenhouse adjacent to our family home in Hampton, CT, a 10x24 lean-to that rapidly filled with new plants, it soon
became clear that this pastime was becoming my career.  Karen and I met 40 years ago and she has joined me on my lifelong adventure.  Together
we bring the same enthusiasm as when we first received those fledgling tomato plants.  We grow year-round, including all the seasonal favorites in
addition to many specialities such as daylilies and succulents.  It is clear, plants are our passion, branching out into moss topiaries, creating new
"living walls," and not being able to wait to open that box of exotic Roheo Sitara Gold that just came in from Costa Rica!  We continue to experiment as
well, with new molds for our handmade hypertufa planters, creative combinations for our living wreaths, and fresh imaginative topiaries.  All of here at
Woodward Greenhouses strive to provide the best possible plants and products.  So if you are looking for something to excite your customers or
garden club members, remember we are proud of our plants and we would love to help you.

Jeff Woodward