Succulents: N - Z
The unique shapes and colors and easy care habit make
them a natural choice for almost any plant enthusiast.
Our Succulent Variety Directory
Pilea Aquamarine
This succulent is best known for its
silvery blue foliage.  It is low growing
and will form a mat of dense foliage or
cascade in a hanging basket.  Pilea
Aquamarine is best used as a filler in a
succulent combination.
Rosularia Rechingeri work well in many
conditions.  They are also unpalatable
to deer and can serve as a butterfly
plant.  It stays small and works great as
a border in a garden.
Also known as Elephant Plant or Small
Leaf Jade, Portulacaria has dark green
leaves and small star shaped flowers.
Given time it will become a sprawling
woody shrub.  Recently it has begun to
be used as a bonsai both for beginners
or the more advanced.
Rosularia Rechingeri
Quick List :

Aeonium :       
  • Kiwi
  • Zwartkop
  • Zwartin

Crassula :      
  • Baby Jade
  • Hobbit Jade
  • Variegated Jade
  • Miniature Pine

Echeveria :
  • "Lola"
  • Nodulosa
  • Setosa
  • Tolimanensis
  • Metalicca

Graptosedum :
  • Vera Higgins

Hawothia :
  • Zebra Haworthia

Kalanchoe :   
  • "Flap Jacks"

Pilea :
  • Aquamarine


Rosularia :     
  • Rechingeri

Sedum :
  • Makoni
  • Ogon
  • Stefco
  • Tricolor
  • Darly Sunshine
  • Adolphy

Senecio :     
  • "Blue Pencils"
  • Trailing Jade
Sedum Stefco
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Sedum Ogon
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Sedum Tricolor
Senecio Blue Pencils
Sedum Darly Sunshine
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No info yet.
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Senecio Trailing Jade
The succulents section below is still under construction, we are working hard to update it and thank you for your patience.
What are Succulents?
Succulent plants, also known
as succulents or fat plants,
are water-retaining plants
adapted to arid climates or
soil conditions. Succulent
plants store water in their
leaves, stems, and also in
roots. Geophytes that survive
unfavourable periods by dying
back to underground storage
organs such as tuberous
roots, corms, bulbs, and
rhizomes, may be regarded as
We use succulents in everything from hypertufa to living wreaths and holiday creations.  We have many different varieties
to choose from which are outlined below.  We offer planters, "living walls," living wreaths, and more!  With so wide a range
and an eye to complimentary colors you will find the right combination for anyone.  Below you will find the succulent variety
directory, which shows pictures and includes a short description for each.
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