Quick List :

Aeonium :       
  • Kiwi
  • Zwartkop
  • Zwartin

Crassula :      
  • Baby Jade
  • Hobbit Jade
  • Variegated Jade
  • Miniature Pine

Echeveria :
  • "Lola"
  • Nodulosa
  • Setosa
  • Tolimanensis
  • Metalicca

Graptosedum :
  • Vera Higgins

Hawothia :
  • Zebra Haworthia

Kalanchoe :   
  • "Flap Jacks"

Pilea :
  • Aquamarine


Rosularia :     
  • Rechingeri

Sedum :
  • Makoni
  • Ogon
  • Stefco
  • Tricolor
  • Darly Sunshine
  • Adolphy

Senecio :     
  • "Blue Pencils"
  • Trailing Jade
What are Succulents?
Succulent plants, also known
as succulents or fat plants,
are water-retaining plants
adapted to arid climates or
soil conditions. Succulent
plants store water in their
leaves, stems, and also in
roots. Geophytes that survive
unfavourable periods by dying
back to underground storage
organs such as tuberous
roots, corms, bulbs, and
rhizomes, may be regarded as
We use succulents in everything from hypertufa to living wreaths and holiday creations.  We have many different varieties
to choose from which are outlined below.  We offer planters, "living walls," living wreaths, and more!  With so wide a range
and an eye to complimentary colors you will find the right combination for anyone.  Below you will find the succulent variety
directory, which shows pictures and includes a short description for each.
Aeonium Kiwi
Kiwi has beautiful tricolor
variegated foliage with rose colored
edges.  The creamy shades really
begin to show on the leaves in
warm weather.
An alluring succulent that has a heavy
black rose color.  This Canary Island
native is an active winter grower and
makes a great focal point in a mixed
Aeonium Zwartkop
Echevaria Nodulusa
Crassula Variegated Jade
Also known as Crassula Variegata this
succulent can grow up to four feet
forming an upright spoon shaped and
will produce clusters of pink-white
blooms during the winter.  Works great
as a filler plant in a succulent
combination planter.
Succulents: A - M
Crassula Miniature Pine
Baby jades are small and generally slow
growers, which has earned them the
nickname "Hobbit."  Leaf edges are a
soft red hue and new growth is often
fiery colored as well. With good light
Baby jades will produce small white
flowers in summer.
Named because young plants resemble
coniferous trees these succulents can
propagate easily.  Mini pines are a
coniferous trees these succulents can
grow up to two feet tall.  Mini pines
propagate easily.  Mini pines are a
great plant for beginners because they
requires very little care and grow
Echeveria Tolimanensis
No info yet.
Echeveria Metalicca
Nicknamed "The Painted
Echevaria Lola
No info yet
Echevaria Setosa
Graptosedum Vera Higgins
This small succulent has reddish bronze
flowers.  Vera Higgins is actually a
hybrid succulent and is sometimes
called Bronze.  This succulent can grow
a whorl around the stem.
Crassula Baby Jade
No info yet
No info yet
Kalanchoe Flap Jacks
Also known as the Dog Tongue plant
this succulent has broad paddle
shaped leaves.  Its flowers are yellow
succulent.  Generally a slow grower it
can reach around one and a half feet
in size.
Haworthia Zebra
Often confused with Haworthia Attenuata
the Zebra Haworthia is a striking
succulent.  It has a strong contrast
between the dark triangular leaf and the
white stripes.  Zebra Haworthias are very
resilient and great easy care succulents.
The succulents section below is still under construction, we are working hard to update it and thank you for your patience.
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